Vancouver Hypnotherapy came into existence in 2007. It started with Rob Hadley, practicing a fairly standard style of hypnosis. Quickly a need was identified to provide support for addictions clients, who were not being well served by the existing structures in healthcare.

The result was a treatment plan based system of management that would be familiar to anyone working in crisis management, which drew on Rob Hadley’s past experience working on emergency programs in Africa. This entirely new approach to working with addictions clients resulted in a growing demand and soon a second therapist was added. Kary Blaney subsequently became lead therapist in the company.

With additional staff came the opportunity to broaden the range of services offered by the company, while retaining the focus on results driven therapy. With an increase in capacity Vancouver Hypnotherapy remains committed to a philosophy of tangible and measurable results.

At Vancouver Hypnotherapy we provide a professional approach to Technical Hypnotherapy. Our approach is to deal with real world problems and provide genuine solutions. This is done in a professional environment with staff who are trained to the highest standards.

Because we have a number of therapists, mostly specializing in specific disciplines, we are able to offer prompt treatment at prices most other therapists are unable to match. No therapist working alone can hope to provide the level of service and detail that our system can provide.

When you choose a hypnotherapist you may want to look closely at the style of service they are providing. Ask yourself if it is a system you feel comfortable with and one that is delivering the professionalism you require.

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