reducing sugar n your diet

Sugar Reduction

For many people a targeted approach to both weight loss and general health management can be effective. For example, selecting one specific aspect of diet – in this case sugar – and targeting your efforts to reduce that part of your diet can be extremely effective.

Using hypnosis to reduce sugar in your diet.

It should also be remembered that this is not an all encompassing approach. If you reduce granulated sugars in your diet, but increase bread, you are not helping yourself. What we describe as ‘direct’ approaches, such as hitting sugars, do little to address the underlying causes. However, the approach does serve a good purpose, and used in conjunction with efforts to reduce unhealthy foods generally, and step up exercise provides a very powerful formula for success not only in weight loss, but also in general health management.

The documentary below shows how very easily sugars have become a part of our life in recent years. It would be hard to imagine our ancestors consuming the volume of sugars we do today, and considering it in any way normal. For anyone who is either diabetic or pre-diabetic the information below will prove of great interest.

For those who need an instant reduction ni sugar, why not try one of our self hypnosis downloads? Just listen to it prior to going to sleep and you’ll find you begin making healthier choices quite naturally and subconsciously.

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