Healthy Eating and Weight Management Course.

Healthy Eating and Weight Management Course (Special Offer price $595 – four sessions)



We work with many clients addressing weight issues. You may wish to additionally look at our pages about Binge Eating. We have one hypnotist assigned specifically to ourweight loss clients. She will work with you and manage your program. As with all hypnosis at Vancouver Hypnotherapy, she is backed up by a team of professionals that assure you receive the highest standard of service.

Please read this page in detail. You will learn a lot about how dieting is marketed, as well as what really works. Our assumption is that you are serious about losing weight. If that is the case, the first place to start is to get a little knowledge about the process.

Our weight loss program enjoys success because it is not only effective, it’s enjoyable. Clients learn to use food healthily and sensibly, using the moderation attainable with hypnosis. As a result they not only lose weight – it stays off. Other systems fight against your appetite and desires. Our system alters them. You will think about food in a subtly different, healthier way.


weightloss hypnosis USING HYPNOSIS TO LOSE WEIGHT.There are many ways to use hypnosis to assist in acalorie controlled diet. However, there is a far more effective means of using hypnosis if you are serious about managing your weight. Our objective in this course of four sessions is to instill a healthy use of food, create good food discipline and establish a changed way of looking at food.


Our method draws on Bob Greene’s great book, “The Best Life Diet“. We would encourage all participants to read this book as part of their four session course. Using hypnosis we reinforce relevant beliefs and help you commit to an exercise regime that is suitable for you.

Our many past success have included one client that lost 70 lbs to achieve a trim 190 lbs. This male client is now enjoying a return to his former athletic self. This reduction was managed over an 8 month period and was a result of sustainable targets and efforts, combined with a regime of exercise that was both enjoyable and manageable. Our goal is to provide all our clients with an experience that will be both successful and enjoyable.


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